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 Born in Camogli in 1920, an oil and fresco painter, he had as teacher Antonio Giuseppe Santagata, who guided him to painting still life, landscapes, figure and sacred art.
His long activity as painter started in 1967; since then he has held personal exhibitions in Florence, Milan, Genoa and Viareggio, and collective exhibitions in several places, obtaining important acknowledgements.
In 1970 his painting “The thieving magpies” was bought by the Fine Arts Board of Genoa for the collection of the Town gallery of Modern Art of Genoa.
In 1971 he got the first prize at the Ssacred Art Exhibition held in Genoa in the cloister of San Matteo Church. In 1977 the got a gold medal for the painting “A portrait of my mother” during the Columbus Celebrations.
He spent some time for study in important Italian cities and his works can be found in collections in Italy and abroad, especially in Latin America.
In 1982 he was appointed “Academic for merit” of the International Academy of Sciences and Art United Nations UNESCO of New York; in 1984 “Academic for merit” of the Academy “I 500” of Rome and “Correspondent Academic” in the class of Artistic Disciplines of the Archaeologic Academy of Rome. Since 1988 he has been a member of the Academy Santa Chiara of Genoa and Academic of the “Incamminati”of Modigliana.
In 1984 and 1985 he painted the inside of the Church of Our Lady of Caravaggio on Mount Orsena in Rapallo and in 1993 he made the great celebrative mosaic in the Memorial Park of Recco.
He was reviewed in many magazines and art catalogues among which the Historical Archive of Artists – Italy 900 of 1971; The Profiles by Comanducci; Contemporary Art in Liguria of 1998.
His monography was published in 1981 by G.B. Roberto Figari with an introduction by historian and art critic Vitaliano Rocchiero.
In 1996 he exhibited his works in the famous Doria Tower in San Fruttuoso, property of FAI, Fondo Ambiente Italiano, and in the Montagnani Gallery in the Palazzo Ducale of Genoa.
In June 1997 he held a personal exhibition in the International Gallery of Viareggio and in September he was invited by the Town Council of Recco for a personal exhibition in the Town Hall.
In 1997-1998-1999 he painted the Marian Tryptich “Faith, Colour and Light” celebrating Our Lady of Intercession of Recco.
In 2000 he painted the great painting “Martyrdom of San Fruttuoso” for the Cathedral of Tarragona in Spain and the painting “Our Lady of Intercession” for the church of Benidorm, in Spain as well.
In 2002 he painted the great altar-piece “Saint Anna with the Child Virgin Mary” for the parish church of Tuningen, a German town partner of Camogli.
In September 2002 the Exhibition Centre of Recco housed his personal exhibition called “Recco 8th September: a galaxy of lights, flowers and fire celebrating Our Lady of Intercession”.
In 2003 he painted the great painting “Our Lady of Boschetto with Saint Fruttuoso, Prospero, Giovanni Bono and Fortunato” for the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Boschetto in Camogli.



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