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...Fair as the moon...

luna.jpg (36835 byte) Suddenly in the winter night of 19th December 1996 the silence was broken by loud bangs and flashes of fireworks: it was the seven quarters of Recco greeting the proclamation by the Town Council of Our Lady of Intercession patron saint of Recco and 8th September a bank holiday for the town.
On the spur of that emotion I was inspired to a homage to Our Lady of Interception and using several studies made years before I created the painting “…Fair as the Moon…”
The painting shows, in the moonlit night, the magnificent feast of 8th September in Recco celebrating Our Lady of Intercession: at the bottom the moving procession, the Church and the lit houses, in the centre Our Lady with the Infant Jesus as the main element, surrounded by shining fireworks.
The work contains the various religious and civil elements deeply felt by the people of Recco and was created with spontaneity and faith by my religious feeling for Our Lady of Intercession.

...Like rising dawn...

 The painting shows Our Lady with the Infant Jesus surrounded by a halo of sunlight, rising from the hills.
A scroll indicates the hard-working and joyful participation of the seven quarters of Recco; from bottom right Spiaggia, going up Bastia, Liceto, Collodari; on the left Ponte, S. Martino and Verzemma.
The quarters are situated in the position they have in the territory, as seen facing the valley of Recco. The writing is completed by the date 1824-1999 and the logo remebering the 175th Anniversary of the Coronation.
On high the scroll is borne by two winged cupids, with the central writing “ Our Lady of Intercession Patron Saint of Recco”. This painting completes the Marian Tryptich of the 175th Anniversary of Our Lady of Intercession.

...Shining as the sun...

madonnle.JPG (41637 byte)

This painting – of 1998 – shows Our Lady of Interception in the centre as if she were an apparition, which really didn't take place, but which I wanted to paint as such, with the hill of Liceto at the background.
I took inspiration from the month of May, traditionally dedicated to Our Lady: on high the sun shining on the hill blooming in spring, sunrays lighting the landscape, fresch colours, light green, pink and white of flowering trees.
Our Lady is surrounded, like an embrace, by flying swallows which give motion and liveliness to the painting. At the bottom, a meadow of daisies, as a symbol of the awakening of nature in spring.


Regina Pacis

 “Regina Pacis” is the title given to the painting showing Our Lady in a night sky with the moon as a halo, lit by the fireworks that remember the great feast of 8th September celebrating the Virgin Mary.
A flight of white doves surrounds her, symbolizing peace. The bottom part shows a sunlit day, with the earth, the sea and the sky and an age-old olive tree, a symbol of life and resurrection from death, and more white doves flying. In the centre the “universal logo” chosen for the jubilar year, with the five doves of different colours symbolizing the world union of the Church in the five continents. The composition is completed by a huge M formed by a rosary coming down the logo, at the sides two medallions with the marian monogram and the white dove with a twig of olive tree, a symbol of peace.
By this painting, rich in symbols, I wanted to express with colours the meaning and the spirituality of this exceptional Church event.

N.S. del Suffragio Patrona di Recco

 Oil picture cm 80x60 A.D. 2001



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