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CARLO FERRECCIO "Pirotecnica Golfo Paradiso" -

Carlo Ferreccio has been a firework master since 1990 when he founded with his partners the firm “Golfo Paradiso”. He is a follower and heir of the firework tradition of Recco, represented by Carlitto Mosto, and has been able to find a place in a very competitive market thanks to the precision and inventiveness of his shows, classical but innovative.
He has taken part in the Fire Festival since 1995 for Verzemma Quarter.


The brothers Ciro, Giuseppe and Fausto Scudo are the heirs of an ancient family of firework masters, the Scudos of Ercolano. They are the sons of late Antonio Abbate and nephews of famous uncle Giuseppe, dean of the family. They are the youngest heirs of the Neapolitan school. The three brothers together are not 75 years of age but this does not prevent them from obtaining success thanks to their skill and their constant will in this mysterious art of fireworking. They are specialized in great bore cylindrical bombs with multiple effects: their four stage bomb with lightnings is very famous.
They have taken part in the Fire Festival since 2001 for Spiaggia Quarter.


The firm cav. Bartolomeo Bruscella & Bros. was founded in 1900 in Modugno by Michele Bruscella and at present is run by Bartolomeo and his brothers, Michele's sons. Since its beginning it has distinguished in the artistic and professional field, concentrating its activity in Puglia and in the surrounding areas. As time passed it extended its range of action, taking part in firework shows in Italy and abroad. It was often classified in the first places thanks to the art, the passion and the reliability of its workers and to the vivacity of the colours.
The firm is famous for creating in 1961 the “cross of Malta bomb” and the “weeping willow bomb”.
They have taken part in the Fire Festival since 2005 for Bastia Quarter.

UGO LIETO "Fire Works" -

“Fire Works Lieto” from Visciano (NA) started its activity after World War II under the direction of Antonio Lieto. It is appreciated for the unquestioned technical skill, the reliability, the precision and the magnificence of its shows. It obtained great success both abroad and in Italy, especially in Puglia, Campania, Sicily and Basilicata. In 2002 a terrible accident killed Salvatore Lieto and the brothers Carmine, Cristoforo and Ugo decided to split up and carry on the activity each on his own. After a difficult choice, Liceto Quarter decided to rely on Ugo Lieto to continue the firework tradition of Visciano in Recco.
They have taken part in the Fire Festival since 1996 for Liceto Quarter.


Gerardo Scudo was born in 1954 and started to work with fireworks at the age of 15 years with his father Fausto. Its factory is located in Ercolano near Naples, was established in 1963 and was managed by his father until 1980 and now is directed by Gerardo. In the eighties and nineties has had great satisfaction competing with the best fireworks in the most famous festivals of southern Italy, achieving many awards. He is also nephew of famous uncle Giuseppe and cousin of fire masters that shoot for Spiaggia Quarter. He has taken part in the Fire Festival since 2007 for San Martino Quarter.


The firework firm of Amodio Di Matteo and brothers of Sant'Antimo was founded in 1853 by the ancestor Lorenzo and was invited to lit the fireworks for the celebrations honouring Giuseppe Garibaldi who entered Naples in 1860. The firm continued successfully the firework activity also outside Campania and took part in the celebrations for the new century in Paris, to arrive at the present management of Amodio, helped by the precious cooperation of his brothers and nephews. The firm is always busy trying to improve the firework art and is appreciated for the technique and magnificence of its shows.
They have taken part in the Fire Festival since 1996 for Collodari Quarter.


The firm La Rosa was created in Bagheria in 1944 by firework master Lorenzo Montalbano, the present owner's grandfather. Lorenzo, with his brothers Giuseppe and Maurizio, have carried on the activity since 1986. Since 1988 their colours and fires have lit the skies outside Sicily, in Calabria, Puglia, Basilicata and Liguria. They are specialized in the creation of particular visual and sound effects that make the show highly enthralling and artistic. They have taken part in the Fire Festival since 2000 for Ponte Quarter.



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