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The Brotherhood of Our Lady of Intercession has its seat in the ancient oratory of San Martino. It bears the heirloom of an older religious association, the Brothers of Death, that took care of the burial of the dead and of the intercession for their souls.

The Brotherhood of Our Lady of Intercession keeps the oratory of San Martino, a small building beside the Sanctuary, where the oldest memories are kept; among these, a number of beautiful ancient processional robes inherited from a Genoese brotherhood at the beginning of the XIX century.

Thanks to the contribution of the Town Council of Recco and with the help of the Authority for Cultural Properties they are being restored in soecial laboratories in Tuscany.
Together with the robes there are also several wooden processional lights, dating back to the XVIII century, all gilded in pure gold, the processional chest of Our Lady, in silver, and the “Black Christ” and the “White Christ” adorned with the silver “canti”, which are hand-made ornaments put on the cross ends in the processions.
In 1997 the “White Christ” took part with a group of brothers to the Good Friday procession (called “Dead Christ procession”) in Toronto, and received the praise of the numerous Ligurian community living there.
In November 2001 and 2002 during the partnership with the town of Benidorm the “White Christ”, together with the rector of the Sanctuary and some members of the Quarters, took part in the Solemn Procession celebrating Our Lady of Intercession, patron saint of the Spanish town.



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