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bastia1.jpg (20816 byte)The elders remember that…

…twenty years ago, in a mild summer evening, the old gun inherited from an old galley and set as guard of the flag on the hill of the quarter was stolen.
The alarm was not given at once and the thieves rolled it down the hill and disappeared without leaving clues.
The newspapers dealt with the fact, but all was shrouded in mystery.
The elders of the quarter still remember the famous gunshots of the “Saracen” which were heard as far as Torriglia…



colloda3.jpg (20272 byte)It is said that in the Fifties…

…Collodari quarter celebrated the success of the festival during the thanksgiving dinner with an unusual procession.
In fact a procession was knocked up with an upturned table as processional chest, a beach umbrella as canopy and as Our Lady a peculiar character, called “Baciccia do formaggio” (Jack-of-the-cheese), who was carried shoulder-high as he showed the faithful a flask of wine.

Light-hearted merriments, impossible today.


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