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One of the most impressing and moving moments is the solemn procession that on 8th September, after the singing of Vespers, winds along the streets of the town with the silver chest of Our Lady escorted by the members of the Quarters, by the wonderful crosses of the Ligurian Brotherhoods, by the Brothers who on this occasion wear their picturesque golden robes, by the civil and religious authorities together with a host of faithful.

 The procession will go through the town centre on a new course studied in 2003 by the Rector, the Brotherhood, the Quarters and the Town Council, so that the religious celebration can take place in a quiet atmosphere, avoiding the itinerary of the crowds that want to reach the promenade only to see the fireworks.

The procession will start at about 8 pm from the Sanctuary to make as usual for the motorway spur along Via Roma and Via Vastato, then it will turn into via Roma again to be greeted by the gunshot of “mascoli” of Collodari.

After Via Roma it will go along the first part of Via Speroni and when the chest has reached Via XX Settembre it will be greeted by the small mortars of Liceto.

Then, when it reaches the Parish Square there will be Bastia's thundering salute.

Later on it will cross again Via Roma and Via Biagio Assereto where it will be saluted by Spiaggia, then it will in Via Ippolito d'Aste where it will be saluted by Ponte.

In the last part it will go along Largo Giovanni XXIII, Via Milano and Via Trieste.

The procession will finish with the solemn blessing at the church door and the Chest will go back to the Sanctuary at about 10 pm.



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