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The sanctuary of Our Lady of the Intercession in Via Roma was once on the outskirts of the town and borders on the Vastato, the farthest part of Recco.
It is the seat of a devotion that was remembered especially in 1999, on the 175th anniversary of the wonder-working statue of the Virgin Mary by the Vatican Chapter of Rome and in 2000 it was appointed jubilar church of the Genoese diocese.

 In the last centuries the people of Recco showed their great devotion for Our Lady.

This cult dates back far before 1557, when the Brotherhood of S.Martino and the one of S. Michele joined to form the Brotherhood of S. Maria.

In 1710 the beautiful sanctuary, enlarged several times, was dedicated to the Virgin of the Intercession, ever since the Patron saint of Recco, and the statue that was placed in the niche dates back to the XV century.

The public celebration, on 7th and 8th September, has been almost the same since 1824, the year when the statue was crowned with a gold crown.

The shell bombings of World War II destroyed the roof and damaged the interior of the church but the essential structure was luckily left intact.

The façade is simple and stern, the portal is framed by an arch, the triangular pediment is borne by four half-columns enclosing two spaces with the statues of Fortitude and Justice.

On the sides of the pediment, high up, there are the statues of Faith and Charity, good nineteenth century works.

Passing through the copper-lined portal you get into a vestibule where a round painting represents Our Lady with the Infant Jesus.

Insied a fine marble floor leads to the raised holy space, enclosed by curved marble balusters, closed by an iron gate.

In the centre of the vault there is a modern fresco showing the procession of 8th September.

The main altar is sided by two marble altars on the same level. The left altar has a precious wooden cross, probably dating back to the XVIII century, and the right one has a painting with the Virgin Mary, St. Martin and the Archangel Michael, symbols of the historic union of the brotherhoods.

The main altar, built in marble as well., is surmouunted by a large niche enclosing the statue of Our Lady of the Intercession with the Infant Jesus and a gold rose in her hand.

On the sides six XVII century tables represent episodes of the life or Our Lady.

The church tower is an interesting detail, with a double bell space, rising directly from the church roof. It has a concert of eight bells, four for every cell, and has on top a statue of Our Lady.




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