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Quartiere Bastia -

 “SINCE 1907 IN RECCO FOR THE FIRE FESTIVAL” says the enormous banner above the food stand of the quarter. Actually on 29th August 1907 a group of people from Recco decided to give origin to one of the seven quarters that took part in the celebrations of Our Lady of Intercession, Patron and Protector of Recco.
The quarter is situated on the east hills and includes the neighbourhood Ba stia, from which it derives its name, as far as the town of Camogli, Carbonara and Treganega Bassa.
In nearly one hundred years of life this quarter suffered like the others the events of wars; but on 8th September the white flag, the colour of the quarter, always flew on the staff.
1982 was a very important year for “Bastia”: some friends members kindled again the powder of the fireworks carrying on and reinforcing the ancient tradition of their forefathers.


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